The ORIGINAL Complimentary
Ticket Subscription Service!

By filling theaters with dependable and discreet members, Audience Extras continues to build relationships with venues
that generously invite us to their events.

Three Decades Of Audience
Extras Philanthropy!

AE and its members give back to the non-profit theatrical community through various programs and contributions. This
has always been a vital part of the AE philosophy.

Audience Extras distributes complimentary tickets when a show is in previews, under-publicized, expecting a reviewer, celebrity to attend, or would like the benefit of a full house.

If you are an enthusiastic and dependable theater-goer who understands proper theater etiquette you may be the sort of member we're looking for.

Audience Extras members are able to attend a wide variety of theatrical productions and events such as plays, concerts, musicals, ballets, operas, lectures, screenings, children shows, cabarets, club and other events.

Audience Extras members not only get to attend great shows, but they become a vital part of the entertainment industry by spreading good word-of-mouth publicity for a show.