Audience Extras (AE) is a "papering" system (i.e. provide additional audience to shows when needed) that was established to benefit the Performing Arts in three innovative ways. First, by screening for responsible, dependable and discreet people to put in an empty seat when a producer needs extra audience. Second, by distributing "paper" complimentary tickets in a way that could develop future audiences, that is, on a "free sample" introductory basis. The third benefit is to use the AE "papering" program as an ongoing funding source for non-profit theatre.

Each step of development was carefully planned to: 1) Keep a low profile so that AE is not in competition with box office's sales. 2) Encourage good audience etiquette and exclude anyone refusing to cooperate. 3) Make recipients aware that receiving a complimentary ticket is a privilege, not an entitlement. 4) To encourage spreading good word-of-mouth publicity for shows when warranted.

Members' Testimonials

"I joined Audience Extras last May and in my wildest dreams I never imagined that it would be as good as it is. It is incredible what I've been able to see. I'm a theater buff and with Audience Extras you can go to the theater every day."
H. Hill

"I feel Audience Extras membership has enabled me to see a lot more theater than I would have otherwise and has introduced me to performance spaces that I did not know existed. I am just starting to study playwriting and consider going to the theater an important part of my education."
M. Tanditash

"A hearty 'Thank You' for your dependable courtesy and goodwill. It is a major reason Audience Extras' reputation of integrity continues to grow and why I recommend it to everyone."
J. Bernard

"Thank you for your assistance and for providing such wonderful service to your members and the people who would otherwise never have a chance to see such quality programs."
R. Pincus

"I'm enjoying my Audience Extras membership tremendously. It's been one of the nicest things about moving to New York!"
N. Kramer

"Thanks for the continuing array of great events and positive attitude. I love the uplifting energy that emanates from the Audience Extras staff."
M. Eder