It is important that all Audience Extras (AE) members understand the importance of the special relationship we have with participating theaters. AE members must be discreet when picking up tickets at a box office; we do not want to hinder a theater's ability to sell full price tickets. These theaters are being gracious enough to invite us to their productions. As an AE member you agree to the following Terms of Service ("TOS"), which may be updated by us from time to time.

1. The current annual membership fee is $85, in addition, initially a $30 Reserve Fund will be started which all ticket service charges will be deducted from. AE reserves the right to review and decline any applying member. Members may reserve 1-2 tickets when available, upgrading your membership will enable you to reserve 1-4 tickets when available. Members in good standing (following all TOS) after one year will continue for an additional year at the then current membership rate. Members that are not in good standing will not be able to renew. Memberships are non-refundable and are subject to auto-renewal.

2. Your Membership is for your own personal use exclusively; it is not transferable (i.e. friends, family members, or any other persons). Only the person listed as the actual Audience Extras member may use the service. Misuse of your membership and/or the TOS will result in your account being terminated without the right to a refund.

3. The content and information on the AE website is intended solely for paid members. You agree not to divulge or share any content, this includes blogs, social media, chat rooms, or within a theater. Members discovered doing so hurt a theater's ability to sell full priced tickets and will result in termination of your membership without refund.

4. A valid credit card must be associated and kept on file with your AE account. All tickets reserved through AE are subject to a service fee per ticket that will be deducted from your standing Reserve Fund. Your reserve fund cannot be negative. You may replenish your reserve fund at any time with a $20 minimum deposit using your on file credit card.

5. You will be instructed where and when to pick up your reserved tickets after you make your reservation. You are responsible to personally pick up your tickets at the assigned venue or AE representative on the date and at the time designated. Failure to pick up your reserved tickets will incur an abandonment fee of $20 per ticket. It is very important that all reservations made by you be honored to ensure the healthy relationship AE has with its participating venues.

6. Members arriving late will incur a $10 late penalty per ticket. Venues reserve the right to deny latecomers. Latecomers are not entitled to a refund of their service charge. Any report of a disturbance caused by you and/or your guest(s) will result in the financial penalties and termination of your AE account without a refund.

7. Seating location is always at the discretion of the theater. Please do not attempt to negotiate a different seat, remain in your assigned seat for the duration of the performance. Do not cause any disruption that would ruin the positive theater experience for fellow theater-goers.

8. AE does not sell tickets but distributes complimentary tickets for participating venues and as such said venues reserve the right to withdraw tickets for any reason. In the event that a performance is cancelled, withdrawn or fails to admit you on the part of the venue do not cause any disturbance at the venue. Notify AE during business hours or email us at explaining the situation and AE will issue you a credit for the service charge.

9. You may cancel your reservations if the show in question is still actively taking reservations on the AE website. There is a $3.50 cancellation fee per ticket. This will ensure you are not charged a ticket abandonment fee of $20 per ticket. If the show you wish to cancel is already booked and you are unable to cancel online you MUST either call AE during business hours or email us at to inform us prior to the performance to avoid an abandonment fee.

10. Pick up your tickets discreetly at the appointed time given in your instructions. Do not attempt to pick up tickets before or after the designated pick up time. Only you are authorized to pick up reserved tickets, sending anyone else in your behalf is a violation of AE's TOS. You must present a valid Government ID to the box office attendant discreetly. If there is any question the venue reserves the right to withdraw tickets. Remember you are receiving free complimentary tickets through AE by the generosity of the participating theatre. By being on time and discreet we assure a continuous relationship with the theatre while not hurting their box office sales. Seating is always at the discretion of the box office.

11. You are expected to wear proper attire when attending all productions. Please refrain from wearing t-shirts, sneakers, shorts, light jeans. Smart Casual Dress is the expected norm, such as sports jackets, sweaters and pant suit, blouse and dresses. If a performance is listed as requesting Dressy Attire men are expected to wear a suit and tie and women in dress/gown or cocktail dress.

12. The selling or scalping of tickets gotten through AE is absolutely impermissible as well possibly criminal. You will be held financially responsible for those tickets at their full face value (as determined by the actual theater). You will also be financially responsible for any other scalped tickets that we may discover upon a review of your transaction history as well as accounting and legal fees. Your membership will be terminated without refund as well as banned from future membership.

13. AE reserves the right to refuse service to anyone who is unpleasant, discourteous or creates a problem of any kind at the theatre or the AE office. You will be held financially responsible for your disruptive actions. Breaking any AE rule is cause for immediate and unconditional cancellation of your AE membership without refund.

14. AE reserves the right to update its TOS, fees, rates and charges at its discretion without notice. AE is a privately owned and operated.

By following the AE TOS we ensure a healthy relationship with the theatrical community. Remember AE members are the guests of these venues only due to their generosity.